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Tampa Divorce Attorney and Divorce Modifications

Tampa Divorce Attorney Nilo Sanchez & Associates on Modifications of Final Judgments

If the Florida courts have heard and rendered a final judgment on your divorce or dissolution of marriage, there are areas of your final judgment that can be modified with the courts. If you are wondering if any part of your divorce judgment is modifiable, please visit our websites:

For more information call the Tampa family law office of attorney Nilo Sanchez & Associates for a consultation. Phone: 813-879-4600
  • Alimony Modifications  - In Tampa Bay and in Florida, the Statutes with regards to alimony modifications requires that there be a significant change in circumstances. In order to modify alimony in Florida alimony is determined by the need of the person who is receiving the alimony coupled with the ability of the other party to pay alimony.  If you want to have your alimony increased, you or your attorney must be able to prove to the courts that there is a true need for the increase and must be coupled with proving the other party has the ability to pay the increased amount proposed. If you want to petition the courts for a decrease in alimony in Florida, you must be able to prove that there has been a substantial, involuntary and permanent decrease in income and ability to pay or you must prove that the other party no longer has the need for the amount awarded in the final judgment. It is possible to ask the courts to discontinue alimony but there are strict guidelines and other things that may be a factor in alimony modification cases.  It's wise to consult with a skilled Tampa divorce attorney to determine whether you have a case for modification or not.
  • Child Support Modifications - In Florida, child support is determined by the child support guidelines. Often times, if one parent has an income increase or decrease, or if timesharing has changed, the recipient of child support may either ask the courts for an increase, or the payer asks for a decrease in child support. If the decrease is due to an involuntary and permanent change, the courts can recalculate and reconsider the modification of child support. An increase in child support may come about as the result of the increase in income of the paying parent or a decrease in income of the recipient parent. An increase of income for the recipient can also be cause for child support decrease. Other situations that can be cause for a modification in child support is when the laws change regarding timeshare or when the support guidelines change. If you need a consultation with a Tampa child support lawyer, contact our family law office.
  • Timesharing and Child Custody Modifications - The terms " custody"," primary residential parent", and "rotating custody" have been deleted from the Florida Statutes since October 1, 2008. Since then, each divorce case where children are present, must include a detailed parenting plan which is a part of your final dissolution of marriage. Timesharing modifications require that the parties either work their timesharing matters out in mediation, or return to court to have timesharing and primary residence matters modified.
Generally speaking, to modify any court orders with regards to a final dissolution of marriage in Florida, a substantial change must be present and proven, with the exception of equitable dissolution which is not modifiable in Florida.

To speak with a Tampa family law attorney about divorce modifications, Sanchez & Associates has the experience you need in divorces, high asset divorces and modification of final judgments in Tampa, Florida. Contact the law office of Nilo Sanchez & Associates today.

Modification of Alimony

Modification of Child Support

Modification of Parental Responsibility and Time Sharing


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