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Tampa High Asset Divorce Attorney on Florida Asset Division

High Asset Divorces in Florida

At the Tampa FamilyLaw firm of Sanchez & Associates, our clients can rest easy knowing that we have the experience to handle high-asset divorces. Because not all divorces or divorce actions are all equal, Tampa Divorce Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez, Jr. will aggressively pursue the identity and location of all assets in an effort to ensure that the assets are divided fairly between the parties.
Whether you are involved in an uncontested divorce or contested divorce in Tampa, Florida or if there are multiple high assets, Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates can help to alleviate the complex matters such as asset division, cchild support, alimony and timesharing of children when present. 
If you are considering dissolution of marriage and have high assets, you need an experienced Tampa family law attorney that can protect your interests according to Florida law and asset allocation.

High Asset Divorce Lawyer in Tampa Provides Valuation Experts to Ensure Best Results

Asset division in aFlorida divorce where high assets are involved, often times require expert assistance such as forensic accounts who can determine where the individuals or couple owned property, vacation or investments such as real estate, international investments or family owned companies. The Tampa Family Law office of Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates has over two decades of representing clients who have a high net worth. If you have considered using a collaborative divorce attorney, or if you believe you will need a skilled divorce lawyer who will litigate your divorce case, attorney Sanchez is prepared to represent you in your high asset divorce. When applicable, attorney Sanchez will utilize a team of valuation experts, such as appraisers, accountants and facilitators when necessary to ensure best results.
Our legal team works in sync with financial and business valuation specialists to resolve any issues that may arise. For example, a forensic accountant may be needed to examine tax returns or business records to ensure that all income has been reported accurately. Appraisers of real estate, jewelry, collections, or other tangible property, or certified public accountants may need to be consulted to reach satisfactory settlement results and aggressively litigate your high asset divorce cases.
If you need to hire a Tampa divorce attorney who will fight for your rights, Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates will ensure that  all assets are valued and fairly distributed.  It's important for your high asset divorce lawyer to properly allocate debt and to tax value all of your assets to reach a fair and true equitable distribution settlement. 

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