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Tampa Family Law Attorney on Required Mediation in Hillsborough County

In many counties in Florida, including family law cases that will be heard in Hillsborough County, Florida mediation is required in contested family law matters.  Mediation is offered though the County or the parties can agree on using private mediators.

Tampa Family Law Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez  Q & A

Required Family Mediation

Why is Mediation Required in Divorces in Hillsborough County, Florida?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that provides the parties in a contested family law case to resolve their issues prior to going to court. Mediation is beneficial in many family law cases, especially if your attorney is a skilled negotiator. Mediation provides the parties with an opportunity to voice their concerns and to negotiate the terms of their divorce or other family law matter, such as in paternity cases where child support and time sharing matters will need to be resolved.

What Happens in Mediation?

First the clients will decide whether they will use a county mediator or a private mediator. Both clients must have their financial statements completed for mediation as per the Florida Statutes. You and your attorney and the opposing party along with their attorney will meet together with the mediator. After this initial introduction, generally each party will be set in a private room with their lawyer. For each matter that needs to be resolved, the mediator will present the requests or resolutions to the opposing party and act as a "go between" until each matter is resolved or until an impasse is reached.

Matters that can be Negotiated in Family Mediation

Generally anything can be subjected to mediation in a contested family law matter, with the exception of emergency matters. For instance, when mediating a paternity case where the couple is unmarried, child support and time sharing along with majority time-sharing status will be mediated. When divorcing with children, the same will apply but alimony, property division and other financial matters may also be mediated.

Why Do I Need a Family Law Attorney to Attend Mediation with Me?

Although it is not required to hire a Tampa divorce or family law attorney, particularly if your divorce is a contested divorce, you most likely will opt to hire a divorce attorney in Tampa to represent you. Doing so will help you to achieve the results that are closest to what you are hoping for.  This holds true with regards to required family mediation because successful mediation requires not only the knowledge of Florida Family Law, but the overall process of mediation as well as how to negotiate successfully with one’s peers.

Tampa divorce and family law attorney, Nilo J Sanchez has been proven successful in mediating and negotiating for his clients for over three decades. Attorney Sanchez has the experience you need to negotiate marital settlement agreements in high asset divorces where alimony, property division, business asset division, time sharing and child support matters need to be resolved. Attorney Sanchez has extensive knowledge of Florida Family law and will skillfully negotiate the terms of your family law case in a way that is most beneficial to you and your family. Additionally, high asset divorces can often end up in years of costly litigation, particularly when negotiations fail. Collaborative divorce processes and mediation can be an invaluable resource in these cases.The parties’ attorneys will have the opportunity to litigate, should mediation not be successful.

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