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Representing You in a Child Support Enforcement & Contempt Case

tampa family law attorney, child support
To understand what action can be taken in your defense, consult with an experienced Tampa child support attorney as soon as possible. Family Law Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez can represent you in Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas County, FL.

Keep in mind that in contempt cases, the court must find that the parent was able to pay but refused to do so. In cases where the Florida Department of Revenue are representing the "obligee"
such as in Title IV-D cases, there are numerous measures that they can take if all other measures have been exhausted to collect and enforce child support:

  • Intercept/Seize Assets
  • Driver/Hunting/Fishing License Suspension
  • Vehicle and Vessel Registration Suspension
  • Passport Denial
  • Property Liens against houses, mobile homes, land, cars, watercraft and other items of value
  • When a noncustodial parent fails to pay support, the court may issue an arrest warrant. The warrant is put on the statewide crime computer, which all Florida law enforcement agencies use.
  • An officer can arrest the noncustodial parent at home, at work or even during a routine traffic stop
  • Consumer Reporting: Past-due support entered on a credit report can affect the ability to obtain credit cards, mortgages and loans.
  • Federal Prosecution: Selected out-of-state cases may be referred to a federal court for criminal prosecution. Noncustodial or “obligor” can be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.

How Does Florida Collect a Child Support When Other States Are Involved?

If you have an out of State child support or child custody or time sharing matter, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates can represent you. If your child support case originated in Florida and you have moved to another State and a lawsuit has been filed against you, you may consider hiring a Tampa Bay child support enforcement lawyer to represent you.

Tampa Family Law & Child Support Attorney Can Help You Resolve Your Child Support Issues
If you are found in willful contempt of non- payment of child support, the penalties can be quite severe. It is never in your best interest to ignore child support lawsuits or scheduled hearings. It is in your best interest to fully understand what your options are to resolve your issues of past due child support. Call for a consultation today: 813-879-4600.
Modification of Child Support Tampa Bay, FL
Frequently, parents let their support get out of hand, when a modification of child support might have prevented the legal and financial problems they are encountering. If you have had a permanent and substantial change in circumstances, remember, a parent can file for a modification of child support anytime when the petition results in a percentage or set dollar amount, set forth by DOR. A permanent and substantial change in time sharing,
changes in income and other changes may be considered by the courts when determining modification.

Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates is a Tampa Family Law Attorney with decades of experience representing clients in family law matters. For a consultation, visit or call 813-879-4600.


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